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Alisha Ways


Film School and Ariel @ Spaceland


Boredoms... she loves this band so I'm guessing I do too.  Guess what LOTS more to follow!

June & Rodger  Caldwell

Just in an new Interview with The Cold War Kids plus June & Rodger bring us  reviews of Hurtmodel at Downtown's oldest club.   Forward, Russia!, The Lashes, and Battle at Spaceland and the New York Dolls  at Spaceland with  Hard Lessons and Army Navy


Tim Estrada

Reviews Belle & Sebastian at Amoeba, High Violets at Silverlake Lounge, Gomez at Virgin MegaStore, and Her Space Holiday at the Troubador


Guest Reviews

Charlie White brings us an excellent review from across the Pond on Sadie Hawkins Dance, Little Hero and Breene at The Yorkshire House, Lancaster, UK.




Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips

June interviews Wayne Coyne at the Sheraton Downtown before the party that never happened


Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method

June talks with Ken about their ever-expanding realm into all things multi-media

Get these stories and more in:

The Pit





Australianacity of Hope
'A Quick Guide to Indie Australia'

Review by Tim Estrada


The Gin Club
Review by Ron Ingalla


Audrye Sessions
'Audrye Sessions'
Review by Ron Ingalla


‘Black Holes and Revelations’

CD Review by June Caldwell


Concept 7

'The Undeniable Constant

CD Review by June Caldwell


The Strokes
‘Young for Eternity’

CD Review By Tim Estrada


Check it out and catch the news and press releases for new and upcoming CD releases at:




The Biz

DNA Hacker Chronicles

The artistic Gods of underground comix at Bloodfire Studios have reworked, redone and re-released the hugely popular underground comix to tie-in with the movie.


Rodney gets his Star

It took a lot of dedicated work and a bit of misfortune for a Pop-Idol, but Rodney Bingenheimer gets his Star in 2007.  By Tim Estrada


Coachella the Movie…Woodstock for the New Millennium

Movie Review by Rodger Caldwell


What We Do is Secret'

This ain't no 'Sid and Nancy'......... or is it? A look at the upcoming new film about the life and times of Darby and the Germs.


The Dark Side of Sci-Fi

A new Photo Essay with exclusive shots from the set of 'The Gene Generation' the dark new film from the award-winning director of 'Liberata Me', Pearry Teo.

Get a behind-the-scenes peek at your Gene-hacked future in:

Get the Show Biz news with an Underground slant at:

The Biz


Columns & Features


Under the Rainbow
by Tequila Mockingbird

The history of music's most famous 1.5 miles.....The Fabulous Sunset Strip.

Somewhere Under the Rainbow



LA Scoop

by Tequila Mockingbird

The new LA Scoop is in. Take a minute to catch up on the scene

Get the latest LA Scoop


UGM Special Reports


Coachella - 2007

This year Damon Kellard was on the scene and he gives us his comprehensive report of the years hottest music fest in

Coachella 2007


Pandora Radio

A NEW innovation in internet Radio best of all; it's FREE.  June Caldwell interviews the founders of The Music Genome Project, Pandora


Interview withTim Westergren

Interview with Etienne Handman


Interview with Pearry Teo

Interview with Pearry Teo creator and director of award-winning underground-cinema fav ' Liberatta Me' and the upcoming dark Sci-Fi thriller, ' The Gene Generation' see what's going on in the creative mind of Pearry Teo at The Biz




Future Updates

We will be updating the Media Download pages as our next major project so stay tuned for more good stuff.



The Underground Mall

Will be going online in the immediate future.  If you have a product or service that you feel would be of interest to our readers be sure to check back daily to find out how your online business can be part of our exciting new FREE Directory.



Submissions to The UGM

Guest Contributors

If you always wanted to be writer or artist, here's your chance. We are currently seeking interns to submit articles, reviews rants and/or original artwork to The Underground Mine.


While the pay sucks, ($0 per submission), it IS a great way to get your name up on the internet, gain experience and recognition and add to a resume. You can submit your work along with a short bio and optional photo on topic of your choice:

  • YOUR local scene (we are interested in articles and reviews for ALL cities not just SoCal).

  • Band, club and concert reviews.

  • Game, both live-action and PC/console reviews and articles.

  • Anything else that you think might interest the Underground dwellers.




Calling All Musicians

If you or your band would like to be promoted in either the 'Guest Contributors' or MP3 Downloads pages please provide download links from YOUR server or send me a CD with a legal release to upload one or two songs to our server. Also include a short bio and any contact info you'd like published about the band.



UGM Submission and Contact Info


Send e-mail submissions to:



For CDs and other Snail Mail submissions send to:

c/o Underground Mine
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UGM Staff


Celeste  - Your humble Publisher, Hostess and Proprietor.  

I'm the one that runs this joint.  I do the web design, publishing, editing, artwork and  other assorted BS. I also  decide what goes into the UGM.  If  I were the only one making it happen... there wouldn't be anything happening here.  I thank whatever powers-that-be for all the talented people that do 90% of the REAL work around here and who make The UGM one of the most popular Underground Music sites on the Internet.



Tequila Mockingbird - UGM Featured Columnist  

Diva of the LA underground scene who for years has been chronicling local talent, clubs and events in print for Rock City News, brings her writing online at The Underground Mine. Catch up with all the  local buzz  in her long-running column, LA Scoop.





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